A love letter to Prince Edward Island in the summer. A call to all who have moved away out West to find jobs, to remember the simplicity of life and the beauty of nature and how good it is for your soul to swim in the ocean and be with friends. A call to be yourself. The “Golden Days” video has been licensed by the PEI Government as part of its repatriation campaign for 2018-2020. The campaign kicked off with a month long “Maybe You Should Come Home” contest in August of 2018. The winner, who had the most compelling story to return home to PEI won a free one-way airplane ticket to PEI from anywhere in the world.



"From the moment Kinley shared it with me, her song ‘Microphone’ would not leave my
mind. I listened to her song on repeat for months on end. I couldn’t shake the fact that
she had kept it in inside of her for over a decade and how that must have impacted her
every step. Over the year that we worked together to get the video off the ground we
consistently heard horrific stories of sexual assault in the media both nationally and
internationally. Around the time of pre-production, the results of the ‘Unfounded’
investigation were published. We knew the time was now. We wanted to weave as many
of these courageous survivors’ stories into the video. Our aim for the video is that it
serves wake up call for our society that sexual violence is a systemic issue and we need
to do better." - Jenna MacMillan (Director/Producer) 

**Content Note - This video contains information about sexual violence which may be triggering to some viewers**



‘Blackbird’ is an ode to the jealous ex-lovers of your current lover. Sometimes it’s easier to sing about petty issues poetically than to confront them face to face. There also happens to be a lot of black crows that take over Charlottetown at dusk. A lot of people are really cheesed off by them and how they run the city. Personally I think it is quite a beautiful sight to see them flock from the surrounding communities and come together in the tall trees at Victoria Park. The dance was choreographed by the talented actor/artist Maria Campbell. 


never coming home

One day my friend Jenna MacMillan (aka Jenny MakeMillions) and I agreed to make a video for a song my bud FWLR and I wrote. Geez, what a day we had! This is the result. Hope you enjoy. (:



I was at a pool party and was mesmerized by the amazing diving from Kelly McMichael (of the band Renders). She is a real life mermaid.

Directed, Filmed and Edited by: Jon David Hynes.

Filmed at Bird and Bear Manor. 


Grande Finale - Pool Party (2018)

Credits: Grande Finale: Dennis Ellsworth/Kinley Dowling
Song produced by Colin Buchanan and Grande Finale Song written by Colin Buchanan, Dennis Ellsworth, and Kinley Dowling
Video Directed by: Jenna MacMillan
Cameras: Mikey Wasnidge, Monica Lacey Lighting : Alex Cairns
Edited by: Thom Smalley
Photography/ B-roll