Support "Sharing the Microphone" - a social impact video campaign 

In 2016, local musician Kinley Dowling (KINLEY) wrote the song “Microphone” recounting the night she was raped in a field after her prom 18 years ago. 

After acknowledging the shame and anger she had been carrying with her over the years, she decided to express her rage through her art.

“Microphone” tells the chilling story, sadly all too familiar to many Island girls and women, in a powerful anthem that resonates with victims everywhere.

As a result of the overwhelming response to the song, a powerful video campaign, called "Sharing the Microphone," was created to educate PEI youth—boys and girls—about the devastating and long-term impacts of sexual assault. 

The goal is to dramatically reduce the incidents of sexual assault that occur on prom night in PEI each year. 

This high impact, visually-compelling music video for “Microphone” will be a creative exploration of Kinley’s story.

Through this medium, its message will reach a wider audience, especially our youth, and offer a deeper perspective into the complex issues of rape and sexual assault on Prince Edward Island. 

But we need your help to make it happen. Please consider supporting this important work by making a secure donation via PayPal below.