Film & TV Placements

KINLEY’s music has been heard in the following TV shows, films, films and marketing campaigns:

Blundstone Playlist Vol. III - “Golden Days”

PEI Government 2018 PEI Repatriation campaign - “Golden Days” music video

Burden of Truth (CBC Drama series) - “When You Speak Her Name”

Singing to Myself (Independent film) - “Microphone”

Suck It Up (Independent feature film) - “Golden Days”

Lovely Witches Club (Web series) - “Blackbird”, “Golden Days”

Coca-Cola Spotify Playlist (Facebook ad campaign) - “Never Coming Home”

“Microphone” video - Video and song lyrics incorporated into the PEI Grade 9 Health curriculum
Screened at the PEI Film, Food and Ideas Festival
Screened at the Charlottetown Film Festival